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A multi asset fund range with a radically different approach to risk, the RiskMaster Multi Asset Funds are built with risk in mind, and designed to target risk and return over the long run.


Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset Funds

A range of four multi asset funds with a radically different approach to risk. These funds are designed to deliver a consistently level of risk to remain in-line with your risk tolerance. The funds bring together our leading investment experts to create a dynamic, risk managed investment portfolio.

What do we mean by risk?

Risk is not in itself either a good or a bad thing. It’s an inevitable and unavoidable part of investing that needs to be understood, and the appropriate action taken. It goes without saying that there’s no reward without risk, and that as a general rule, if you look for greater potential rewards, you need to accept a higher level of risk. If you invest in cash your savings could be slowly eroded by inflation, and if you buy emerging markets equities you could endure a very turbulent investment journey. We put our clients at the centre of how we think about risk, understanding that losses and unpredictability destroy your financial plans.

Therefore, we need to adopt a smart approach to risk, taking appropriate and diligent investment risks that generate long-term stable returns, with a predictable investment journey. This allows you to plan for the future by understanding that your portfolio will – over the long term – deliver on your savings goals, rather than performing well one year and terribly the next. What most investors are looking for is a clear indication of how much risk they’re letting themselves in for. The Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset Fund range has been designed to meet that need.

How we invest?

The Team

The way we construct the funds is a key factor that sets them apart from many others, we believe in taking a scientific approach to investing. The Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset funds are built with a level of risk in mind from the start, and that is constantly monitored by our investment teams to ensure it remains within our set parameters. We understand that each person has a different tolerance for risk, but also a different financial plan. Therefore you need a fund that will stay true to its risk profile and deliver a predictable investment outcome, to help you achieve your investment goals.

The reason we are able to deliver on these high standards is a result of our technical expertise, which is embodied in two teams of people. The first of these is risklab GmbH, our cutting-edge team of investment experts, based in Germany. As the name suggests, they are dedicated to the analysis of risk in all its manifestations. The majority of risklab’s clients are large institutions, but now their skills have been put to work on behalf of individual investors. We have teamed this expertise in risk, with our multi asset team. They have experience in running ahuge range of multi-asset portfolios with expertise and experience across a broad range of asset classes, beyond just equities and bonds.

Consistency in investing
risklab and the multi asset team work together to create the mix of assets that is in line with the fund’s risk profile. By establishing clear rules we avoid the sort of subjective behaviour by fund managers that can throw funds off course, and ensure we remain true to the fund’s volatility targets in the long term.

This is a dynamic, ongoing process; we evaluate the investments within the fund on a monthly basis to ensure we are satisfied. This is also important because as the value of individual investments rises and falls, the fund can become unbalanced if it is not adjusted.

The team don’t take big bets on the latest investment trend, but instead aim to deliver consistent returns and volatility over the long term with a reliable and consistent investment process. While we appreciate this isn’t the most exciting to way to invest, we believe it is the only way to achieve your investment goals and deliver a positive outcome.

3 reasons to consider RiskMaster

1. Designed to deliver investment outcomes
All four Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset funds are designed to deliver a specific investment outcome in line with your financial plan and personal risk tolerance

2. A scientific method
The funds are managed using our considerable expertise in multi asset investing and risk managed

3.  A consistent process
Our teams apply a consistent investment process that will always remain true to the funds’ aim of delivering stable and consistent return and risk

Or you can read our brochure and slide deck designed specifically to meet your needs:
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Investing involves risk. The value of an investment and the income from it may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount invested.
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