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Risk. Mastered.

​​​​A multi asset fund range with a radically different approach to risk, the RiskMaster Multi Asset Funds are built with risk in mind, and designed to target risk and return over the long run.


Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset Funds

Introducing the Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset funds, a fund range with a radically different approach to risk. Our RiskMaster Multi Asset Funds are designed to deliver an accurate, defined level of risk, by investing a diverse range of assets, taking a new approach to risk using our forward looking process.

Learn why Risk matters...

Risk is both a challenge and an opportunity, which is why risk management is embedded in the way we manage and monitor investments. In fact, our parent company has been doing this successfully for 125 years; it is deeply ingrained in what we do.

For this reason we founded our award winning publication; Risk matters in 2013. The magazine aims to inform our clients about how they should think about risk, from the behavioural risk of disinvesting at the wrong moment, to the best way to manage tail risks in a multi-asset portfolio.

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Client Literature
Client Facing Literature
When selling the Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset funds as a packaged solution to your clients it is crucial to explain how the funds invest and what makes them unique. See our suite of client facing documents.Client documents...
Adviser literature
Adviser Literature
A range explanatory literature updating you on how we are managing the Allianz RiskMaster Multi Asset funds and why they are a sensible choice for anyone outsourcing their investment process.
Adviser literature...
Fund Literature
Fund Literature
Access to detailed and regularly updated fund information for our RiskMaster Multi Asset fund range.
Fund literature...
Video Centre
Video Library

Visit our new video library for informational videos for you and your clients.

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Legal Documents

Including report and accounts, KIIDs, SID and application form.

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Risk Explained
At Allianz Global Investors we believe we are experts on Risk in all its facets. This goes from investment risk to behavioural risk. By attempting to manage these risks every day we are better able to deliver great investment outcomes to our clients. We believe that part of our task is to educate our clients on risk and as a result we have created some guidelines.


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Contact us

Comprehensive contact information for Professional Investors plus contact details for our UK Sales Team.

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Investing involves risk. The value of an investment and the income from it may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount invested.
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